What if you could profit from recyclables?

Avangard is a leading worldwide company providing mid-level to Fortune 500 businesses with comprehensive sustainability solutions.

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There’s revenue in your dumpster

Avangard Innovative uses proprietary technology to dramatically decrease or eliminate the cost of processing waste while increasing profitability.

Our solution is simple 


Assess your opportunities.

We find ways to recycle what your business throws away. Two things happen: Your trash bill goes down. We make you money by buying those recyclables from you.


Choose the best products for your goals

We determine the best equipment needs for your facilities so that you can achieve your sustainability and recyclable goals.


Track your progress.

Using our Natura Smart Technology, we track your recyclables to make your sustainability program effective and efficient.

Smart technology enables transparency

  • State-of-the-art automation allows us to scale to any size and track Real-Time updates anywhere.

  • We measure recyclables in waste through our Capture Percentage Rate Index. More recyclables create more revenue and lower waste costs.


Reward your sustainability efforts

We take the day-to-day management of selling recyclables off your plate so that your people can do what they do best: run your business. With our Natura Zero™ Program, your company won’t need to worry about how you’ll find a buyer or if you’ll make a profit.

Our impact is real

Our Case Studies

Building an Infrastructure

Shipper Inc needed a partner to build a nationwide recycling infrastructure.

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Efficient Sustainability

Grocery Co. needed an environmental partner that could create and execute an enterprise-wide plastics program.

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